Why Camp Oneka


Most of what Camp Oneka for Girls offers can be found in any camp. Why, then, are we unique?

We could refer to our over 105 years of history and tradition. Thousands of girls have enjoyed camping at Oneka over the years, and it still retains its "woodsy" atmosphere. It's protected and preserved buildings and grounds are a legacy to the way camping used to be. At the same time, modern conveniences have been added so as not to disrupt the traditional camp charm. Oneka is truly a unique historical facility among the glitter of modern campingLocated on the shore of natural, crystal clear Fairview Lake, few camps are fortunate enough to have a waterfront as beautiful and functional as Camp Oneka. There’s not much better than swimming, sailing, waterskiing on beautiful Fairview Lake on a hot summer day!

We are committed to maintaining our small size of approximately 125 campers and a 1 to 3 staff-to-camper ratio. This provides a nurturing, caring camp experience especially for young and first time campers.

We are also committed to the girls camp concept as a means of allowing girls to enjoy new experiences in a supportive, non threatening, non judgemental environment. At Oneka, girls can shed the stereotypes and distractions that may limit their growth in reaching their full potential in activities and leadership opportunities.

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