Welcome Rachel and Johnny

Hello Oneka Campers and Families!

On behalf of ourselves, Becky, Ali, Dale, and Barb, we are thrilled to announce that we are joining the Camp Oneka Family!  We are Johnny and Rachel Waszczak.  We have recently been working with Becky, Ali, Dale, and Barb to take the reins as year-round Directors and owners of Camp Oneka.

For many years, we have known of and worked with Camp Oneka as part of our Pocono Camp community, and on a larger scale, as a prominent and shining member of the American Camp Association.  We know Oneka to be a camp rich in tradition and focused on a fun, warm, family-oriented experience for its campers.  We had the privilege of getting to know Becky and Kevin more closely in the past few years as part of our local camp association and as camp neighbors.  We also had the chance to visit and see Oneka in action on multiple occasions over the past 2 summers and knew right away that it was a unique place, providing a powerful experience for its girls.  When Becky spoke to us about being part of Camp Oneka as Directors and owners, we knew in our hearts that it was exactly what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be.

We are very fortunate that Becky, Ali, Dale, and Barb are so devoted to and involved in Oneka that they plan to continue working with camp and with us.  They have all invested so much of their lives and time to Oneka, helped it to grow, and carried on the traditions and mission it has sustained since it was founded in 1908.  We plan to build on Oneka’s storied history and positive atmosphere to provide an environment where girls can thrive, make new and lifelong friends, gain self-confidence and independence, try and learn new activities and skills, and experience fun-filled summers for years to come.

Over the past 20 years, we have been working together in summer camping and are excited to share our experience as we join the Oneka community.

Johnny: Growing up, I attended sports camps, family camps, and went on camping adventures with my brother, sisters, mom, and dad.  I loved it all; friends, sports, games, campfires, campfire songs, and the great outdoors.  Pursuing my goal to teach and work with children and my passion for the outdoors, after my first year of college, I worked as a camp counselor at an overnight, traditional, Midwest summer camp (Camp Timberlane), and I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life.  I worked successively as a counselor, activity instructor, rock climbing director, wilderness trip leader, village director, Associate Director, Director, and then Executive Director.  I am active with the American Camp Association (ACA), have served on ACA committees, and currently serve as an accreditation/standards visitor.  I also love to help coach my two children’s softball and soccer teams.

Rachel: I have also loved and had a passion for summer camp and working with children.  As a child, I attended day camps and overnight camps, and I still have great friends and memories from those formative years of my life.  Johnny and I worked together for over 10 years at Camp Timberlane, and for 9 more years in the Pocono Mountains (Camps Pine Forest, Timber Tops and Lake Owego simultaneously).  I have worked as a counselor, lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, camp nurse, health center coordinator, Director, and Executive Director. I am a board member for the Association of Camp Nursing and speak frequently at local and national camp conferences about health and safety.  I am also an active member of the American Camping Association and serve as an accreditation/standards visitor.  I have been a nurse for over 12 years serving as camp nurse, school nurse, rehabilitation nurse, a nurse in various hospital departments and, currently, as a labor and delivery nurse in Honesdale, PA.

For both of us, our passion and love in life is working with children, specifically at summer camp.  We believe in the power of camp and know the amazing impact it can have on children.  Outside of camp, our passion and love in life is our two children, Emma (9 years) and Aden (5 years), who also love camp.  They, too, are excited to join the Camp Oneka family!

We are eager to meet all of our existing and new Oneka campers, families, staff, and friends.  We know that the authentic, traditional and warm family atmosphere that Camp Oneka exudes is the result of all involved, past and current.  We will be making the rounds of the east coast camp fairs, and this winter and spring, we plan to visit many of the cities where our campers and alumni live in order to get to know all of you, talk about camp, and hear about what makes Camp Oneka magical for each of you.  We hope that we’ll be able to visit with all of you along the way.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’d love to hear from you!  You can continue to reach camp through this email and via the Oneka Summer phone number.

Summer 2020 is going to be another wonderful experience!  Becky and Ali are both celebrating their 25th summer at camp.  Dale and Barb are celebrating their 35th summer.  The four of them have 120 combined summers of camp traditions and memories!  We are excited to celebrate with them and all of you these milestones, as well as Camp Oneka’s 112th summer!

Happy Camping,

Johnny and Rachel Waszczak


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Oct 09, 2020
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Registration for Summer 2021 now open!


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  • Full Season: June 30th to August 18th (7 weeks/50 days) - $8,750.00

  • 1st half session: June 30th to July 24th (3 1/2 weeks/25 days) - $4,900.00

  • 2nd half session: July 25th to August 18th (3 1/2 weeks/25 days) - $4,900.00

  • 2-Week Session*: June 30th to July 14th (2 weeks/15 days)  - $3,500.00

                    *2-Week Session is available to 1st year Junior and Intermediate campers only/current 2nd - 6th graders, and takes place during the first half only.


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